The Wildest Dream

Everest, Himalayas
27⁰59’08.54”N 86⁰55’24.95”E
Leo Houlding, Conrad Anker
June 2007

In 1999, renowned American mountaineer Conrad Anker found the remarkably preserved body of George Mallory high on the mountain—75 years after the British explorer mysteriously vanished during his attempt to become the first man to summit the world's tallest peak.

In the quest for answers, Conrad, with British climbing prodigy Leo Houlding, returns to Everest in 2007 replicating as closely as possible Mallory's fateful expedition. The men retrace the North East Ridge Route, even removing the 90-foot ladder from the infamous Second Step to "free climb" this terrifying section of the mountain, just as Mallory and Irvine would have done 83 years earlier.

Far more than a documentary about mountain climbing, "The Wildest Dream" tells the passionate story of a man torn between two overwhelming and competing loves: his wife and the mountain that ultimately took his life. Told through revealing letters between Mallory and his beloved Ruth, the film combines previously unseen archival photos and film footage with the present-day expedition.

Featuring the vocal talents of narrators Liam Neeson, Hugh Dancy, the late Natasha Richardson, Ralph Fiennes and Alan Rickman. The film is accompanied by a book written by Mark Mackenzie.

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